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Some Useful Information About Termites

One of our many specialties at Aardvark Pest Management Inc is termite control and we've included some beneficial information below to give you an idea of how you can identify them. Please call 616-530-9800 if you have any other questions regarding what you read here.

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Termites are considered social insects because they live in large colonies. Termite colonies are made up of 3 unique types of termites which are called reproductive, workers and soldiers. A termite's antennae contains several beadlike segments and a termite's thorax has 1 pair of legs on each of its 3 body segments.


Winged reproductive also has 2 lengthy wings attached to their last 2 body segments. Their abdomen is broadly connected at their thorax, which distinguishes them ants who have a noticeably narrow abdominal attachment.


Winged reproductive termites are black in color, appear almost flat, and measure about ½ inch in length while workers do not have wings, measure approximately ¼ inch in length, and are white with a round-shaped, yellowish-brown head. Soldier termites are also wingless and have white bodies and larger, rectangular-shaped, yellowish-brown heads and a set of large mandibles or jaws.


We also use 3 top-of-the-line baiting systems for termite control and we'll help you determine which one best fits your home or building and your needs.


Eastern subterranean termites are wood-destroying insects commonly found in the eastern United States. Western subterranean termites are more likely to be found up and down the west coast and as far inland as Idaho and Nevada.

Common characteristics of termites

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