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Helpful Pest Prevention Tips

We've provided some great pest prevention tips below for the interior and exterior of your home or building. If you have any additional questions regarding these tips, call 616-530-9800 for assistance from our team at Aardvark Pest Management Inc.

  • Make sure your exterior doors are properly sealed. If you're able to see light or feel a draft from under or around your door, insects could be able to enter your home or building

  • Address any plumbing leaks or seal any existing gaps around your pipes to prevent water from accumulating that could attract pests

  • Also check your attic for excess moisture. Leaks in your roof or roof vents can also allow water to accumulate

  • Keep any open storage containers sealed. Food, pet food, and even bird seed can attract unwanted pests

Tips for interior pest prevention

  • Be sure to seal and caulk your piping and conduits from your gas or air conditioning lines. Also, we recommend caulking any cracks or crevices around your doors and windows

Pest prevention tips for the exterior of your home or building

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  • Clean your gutters to remove any leaves or debris buildup and make sure your gutter drains are diverted away from your home to lessen the possibility of moisture accumulation

  • Repair and replace any damaged window screens to help keep pests out

  • We recommend trimming bushes, foliage and vegetation at least 1 foot out from your home. Bushes and vegetation create an ideal habitat for all kinds of pests and rodents

  • Other debris, clutter, and woodpiles also provide a home for pests and should be clear of your home or building

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